A day at the Santa Monica fruit market

Watch this video and learn names of fruit and vegetables. He speaks with an American accent.

Y una cosa más: cuando salen las naranjas (oranges), que están en el puesto (stall), fíjaos que pone en el cartel!…


This is an apple.

These are some grapes.

Las diferentes formas, en singular y plural.


2 Responses to A day at the Santa Monica fruit market

  1. Miguel says:

    Ohh, Yes!
    Valencian oranges are the best!

    The video is great, but I don’t understand one thing.
    In the red grapes stall, the salesman says that the grapes are grown near Fresno in San Joaquin Valley. I think it’s in California, US. But the grapes cost 1.6 pounds.
    The pound is the coin of the UK, isn’t it? So, why pounds and not dollars?

  2. tutorelena says:

    Hi Mike,
    How come? I mean, he speaks very slowly, and you can read the names of the pieces of fruit as well!

    When the guy says 1.6 pounds, he’s referring to the unit of measurement. Yep, people in the USA use pounds instead of kilos. And of course, ‘pounds’ is also the UK’s currency. So he says, 1.6 pounds (=the weight), 6 dollars. By the way, in colloquial American English, you might hear ‘bucks’ instead of ‘dollars’.

    Valencian oranges! Always!

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