No more I’m sorry? (dance)

So, it was about time I shared more songs with you…Listening to songs are just a great way of practicing (practiSing, BrE) listening skills and pronunciation, new words and structures you may have already learned somewhere else (in this song: present perfect, and imperatives or commands: do something or don’t do something; speak or don’t speak; eat or don’t eat…And present perfect is used as a past tense to talk about recent things, reciente en el tiempo o algo que aún es reciente en tu cabeza o perdura en ella). Pon atención a la forma de pronunciar I’ve.

Je suis désolé/Lo siento/Ik ben droevig/Sono spiacente /Perdóname
Chorus (=estribillo): I’ve heard it all before (repeat) / I don’t want to hear / I don’t want to know / Please don’t say you’re sorry/ I’ve heard it all before / And I can take care of myself / I don’t want to hear /I don’t want to know / Please don’t say ‘forgive me’/ I‘ve seen it all before / And I can’t take it anymore

You’re not half the man you think you are / Save your words because you‘ve gone too far / I‘ve listened to your lies and all your stories / You’re not half the man you’d like to be


Don’t explain yourself cause talk is cheap / There’s more important things than hear you speak / We stayed because I made it so convenient / Don’t explain yourself you’ll never see
(‘Sorry’ in multiple languages)

And you, have you heard it all before?


3 Responses to No more I’m sorry? (dance)

  1. javi says:

    i like this way to learn english i normally use this way to expand my vocabulary and about this song it’s strange but i noticed that i can heard better what madonna says in this video than when i heard it from a mp3 i imagine that ‘s because they synthesize the sound and it’s more difficult to understand the lyric

  2. tutorelena says:

    Hi Javi

    Paying heed to songs’ lyrics is indeed one of the best ways to learn pronunciation. You prefer videos because there are visual cues that help you understand what’s being sung. That’s why I always recommend the radio, instead of watching dvs and movies.


  3. xecole says:

    To practise the form and pronunciation of the past participle, there are useful resources (lists with audio, an online exercise) at verbbusters

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