There is / There are (hay)

1. Usa THERE IS para cosas en singular (1 sólo objeto).
2. Usa THERE IS para cosas incontables.
3. Usa THERE ARE para cuando hay más de 1 cosa (sustantivos en plural).
There is a spider on the wall.
There is milk on the floor.
There are pencils on my desk.

Practicad aquí la estructura “there is” / “there are”, que significa ‘hay’.

  1. Type ‘there is/there are’ in the boxes.
  2. Choose ‘there is/there’

5 Responses to There is / There are (hay)

  1. miriam says:

    Hello again!
    El ejercicio 2 y 3 son idénticos…

  2. tutorelena says:

    Yes, you’re right. I fixed it (lo arreglé).
    Thanks again.

  3. Thnx so much 4 ur website!!!
    I’m an ET so I really appreciate ur help!

  4. tutorelena says:

    you’re very welcome! Thanks for your nice comments!

  5. Lady Butterfly says:

    mi profe me dijo que se usaba there ARE para los incontables…. definitivamente está viejo para dar clase… ains…:D

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