My birthday

April 17, 2008

Hi all, today April 17th is a special day for humankind, Eleonidas was born 32 years ago!

Alas, yes, today is my birthday. Yes, I know I’m getting old but the only thing I don’t want for my birthday is to be reminded of it.

I wanted to share a birthday cake with you:

And remember: It takes a lot time to grow young (P.Picasso)


April 14, 2008

Hi all! No me olvidé de este blog, how could I?…La cuestión es que ahora no estoy dando cursos de beginners, y estoy más centrada en los que sí doy, como el FCE. Por eso mis otros dos blogs están más activos últimamente, eso no quiere decir que este blog esté ‘neglected’, sólo que pasa a actividad silenciosa…in the background…Mientras siga encontrado cosas for your own learning, I will keep on posting them here. No worries! In the meantime, enjoy the pile of resources you can find in the sidebar! (not in the bar!!!) 😉

Talking about food

March 24, 2008

Cerrado por vacaciones

March 16, 2008

O casi…Spring break: Fallas & Easter.

Be right back…(in a week or so)

Sports: actions

March 16, 2008